As a privately held company, Modern Evil is not required to publicly report on any of its operations or activities. This blog is a faint reflection of our interests and opinions. Thank you.

~ Dr. Archibald T. Staph, Ph.D, President


So Many Products - So Little Time


Modern Evil is soon to open their extensive Products & Services Catalogue to the public.

For the First Time Ever, you can own a fantastic evil product - hold it in your hands and put it to work for you.

With Modern Evil, you'll be able to finish that renovation, get that job promotion, enjoy a great relationship, have more success, get more money, and wallow in the abundance that you so richly deserve.

The Modern Evil Products & Services Catalogue is an innovative approach to the wonderful world of evil. It's ever-evolving list is your assurance of Consistent Quality Control, Leading Edge Technology, and Best of Breed Breakthroughs you've come to expect.

The Modern Evil Products & Services blogspace is now dedicated to that noble purpose - to bring to you the finest evil money can buy.

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