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NOTE: Evil forces can become unruly. And when that happens, a good cleansing will do the trick, to clear out that old evil stank and leave you fresh - for new and better evil.

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Granville Evil Gone

Richard Charan

The people of troubled Granville, Cedros, have heard no evil and seen no evil since the cleansing of their village by holymen last Friday.

Pundit Prabhoodeo Maharaj, who was one of the priests to perform the rituals, said yesterday that no one had come to him since then to complain about a supernatural event.

"The area is calm. Everybody slept well," he said yesterday.

There has been fear and unease in the village since the suicide death of Dohmatie Seebran, a young mother who set herself on fire two weeks ago. Before dying, she told of hearing voices in her head, telling her to "do it".

Dohmatie's life was outwardly perfect said neighbours and her husband, Mookesh Seebran.

Since her death, three women have told their pastors and pundit of being visited by an evil force, which told them to kill or die.

The thing, some believe, dwells in the body of a goat seen emerging from the forest at night.

The "demon" has targeted only women, villagers say, and many are fearful to walk the roads after nightfall.

Nine years ago, some in the village said they were visited by something they linked to the suicide death of cousins in love, and the suicides within days of three other teenagers from the village.

Last Friday, villagers and their religious leaders walked through the village with incense, flambeaux and deyas. They sang Hindu religious songs and read from the Bible.

It was a ritual, Maharaj said, to chase the evil out of the village.

Residents met that night at the Granville Community Centre for an interfaith service involving the Roman Catholic, Open Bible, Pentecostal, and Church of God churches.

Residents also prayed for the family of brothers Nigel and Neil Siberan, who disappeared from their Granville home back on November 17, 2005.

Their bodies were found buried in a backyard grave 56 days later. They were chopped to death. The murders are unsolved.

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