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Shoeless Rich Avoid Jealous Sorcerers

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NOTE: Yes, it's true - Jealous Sorcerers are the cause of most of your troubles. And Invisible Spirits are just plain nasty. However, there are 2 sides to this coin - you can be a victim OR you can be an inflicter.

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Uganda: Evil Spirits Frustrate Growth in Nakasongola

New Vision (Kampala)

Frederick Kiwanuka

Nabiswera health centre which had been closed. Left, Police arrests a man suspected of possessing mayembe, displayed in the basin.

The print media recently ran an article that local leaders in Nabiswera sub-county, Nakasongola District, had hired an exorcist to cleanse a Government health unit which had been haunted by mayembe (evil spirits). Some readers may have laughed their heads off, thinking it was mere circus.

But, to the people of Nakasongola including the local leaders, the phenomenon of sorcery and witchcraft is a real problem that goes beyond mere superstition one that is likely to hinder development of the infant district.

If the local leaders had not hired an exorcist to cleanse Nabiswera health centre, it would still be closed, as the entire medical staff had fled and vowed never to return. The nurses alleged that invisible spirits had raped them.

The belief in witchcraft in Nakasongola is very strong. Right from the ordinary peasant in Lwampanga on the shores of Lake Kyoga, to the district chairman, everybody in Nakasongola believes that witchcraft is a threat.

When James Wandera, the district chairman, won the local council elections last year, he did not enter his office until after the floor had been dug up and resealed with new tiles. The chairman has also refused to use his official Isuzu four-wheel drive, which had been used by his predecessor. Insiders say all these are 'precautionary measures'

When the area Member of Parliament, Peter Nyombi, got involved in a car accident during the politicking period of 2005/2006, his aides were quick to point an accusing finger at his rivals.

After narrowly surviving the accident, some of Nyombi's close supporters advised him to stand down for the 'sake of his life'.

But Nyombi, who is a born-again Christian, insisted on remaining in the race and went ahead to win the parliamentary seat.

Some politicians in the area are also said to undergo several open-air rituals every time they win elections, allegedly to get blessings from the 'gods of Lake Kyoga.'

The widespread belief in witchcraft in the potentially rich Nakasongola district, has had a negative impact on the socio-economic development of the area, by creating unnecessary fear among the population.

According to Wasswa Sennyonga, an LC2 councillor in Nabiswera, several local 'tycoons' have deliberately refused to construct permanent houses, or even wear shoes, for fear of appearing to be wealthy and fall victim of jealous sorcerers.

Charles Awiyo, the District Police Commander, says people fear mayembe because they are believed to be omni-present. "People here believe that there is witchcraft in every house," Awiyo says.

He says a simple quarrel at a local bar may escalate into a show of mayembe 'terrorism' with each party trying to show the other that they can use special powers to unleash terror.

"And when they reach home, each one puts their threat into practice," says Awiyo.

Where Do Mayembe Come From?

The Ssaabaruuli Isabarongo Mwogezi Butamanya, the elected cultural head of the Baruli clans, quickly points an accusing finger at the Buganda as the source of mayembe which are terrorising the area.

"In the kiruuli culture, we did not have mayembe," Mwogezi says, adding that "All the mayembe here speak Luganda and none speaks Luluuli."

Mwogezi says some people in Nakasongola buy mayembe for protection against enemies, while others buy them to become rich. He says mayembe can be used to steal money from a rich neighbour.

Whatever the justifications, Nakasongola locals have realised more sacrifices than benefits from their strong beliefs in witchcraft.

In addition to affecting government institutions like schools and health centres, several residents have had their homes demolished over accusations of killing neighbours using mayembe, leading to unnecessary suffering of children and women.

Wandera says his advice to the residents to ignore the belief in mayembe has fallen on deaf ears.

"We are trying to change people's attitude, because believing in witchcraft during this modern era is backward," Wandera says.

Francis Batinti, the Resident District Commissioner, simply laughs it off. "It is funny that people are running away from invisible things, something has to be done," Batinti says.

Although the Penal Code Act has provisions for punishing people who possess witchcraft, Awiyo says they have never taken any culprit to court. "Because it is very difficult to prove," Awiyo says.

On their part, Kasana-Luweero Catholic Diocese have launched an evangelisation mission, especially whenever a new case comes up. But each time they have failed to drive away the spirits, forcing the local people to have resort to exorcists.

Before Nabiswera local leaders resorted to hiring an exorcist the district administration had on two occasions sent their two teams of born-again Christians to send away the 'evil spirits' through prayers, but each time they would fail.

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