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Death Blog Dilemmas

CATEGORY: Suicide, Death, Blogging

DIVISION: Public Relations

EDITORIAL: Death blogs are all the rage right now - everybody has one or wants one. The problem is that blogging is very addictive. This gives rise to 2 Death Blog Dilemmas-

Death Blog Dilemmas

1. You start a death blog, receive a tremendous amount of attention, and garner a wonderful and adoring audience. But when the fateful day comes, you can't bring yourself to run the final act. We at The Modern Evil Company can help. We represent a number of licenced, reputable and practicing euthanizers who can assist you when the time comes. So if you can't 'pull the trigger', rest assured that we have someone who can.

2. Your death blog will live on after you, but who will do the follow-up work? Once again, The Modern Evil Company can help. Our staff is trained and ready to maintain your death blog after you've passed on. Hidden wills, angry relatives, impromptu shrines, congressional hearings - we've managed thousands through the post-mortems. With us taking care of your final creation, you can pass from this life knowing that your lasting legacy is in good hands.

All inquiries should be made through our Public Relations Division.

So good luck and good-bye, from Modern Evil.