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What We Just Learned from "Sweetest Day"

CATEGORY: Concocted Promotions, Lobby Groups

DIVISION: Modern Evil PR

EDITORIAL: How has this brilliant bit of sweet-tooth manipulation eluded us for so long?! Sweetest Day - this Saturday, October 18th - is a day created by the candy-makers retailing/lobbying association for the sole purpose of increasing sales of candy. And the genius of it all is that everyone goes along with it.

Well, you can see where this is going.

The Modern Evil Company officially announces "The Truly Evil Day" - [date to be announced later] - the day when everyone is encouraged to do something bad.

All of us have at least 1 rotten thing inside of us that we'd love to inflict on a deserving jerk, right? So here's the chance to do a bit of evil AND have it sanctioned.

After we co-ordinate with the major players such as Hallmark, Nestle and Anheuser-Busch, we'll let you know the exact date for the new annual celebration - Truly Evil Day.

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