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CATEGORY: Goat Heads, Sacrifice, Offerings

DIVISION: Modern Evil

EDITORIAL: Even though chickens are the most common religious sacrifice, goats rate a strong second, with pigs and rabbits tying for third. So finding errant goat heads, prepped and ready for ceremony, should not be surprising - especially on a beach in Florida - given the popularity of Santeria worshippers throughout the Caribbean. We suggest the local authorities post the sacred items as "Lost and Found" on Craigslist.

Beheaded Goats Each Found in Bag with $5 on Fort Pierce Beach

By Will Greenlee

FORT PIERCE — Two beheaded goats and a third dead goat with its head still attached were found Sunday by a lifeguard and appear to have washed up on the beach, according to a police report released Monday.

The first beheaded goat was in a bag along with its head and five $1 bills, found by a lifeguard on a beach along south A1A. Another goat discovered nearby also was beheaded and found in a trash bag with a $5 bill, while another goat not in a bag was found still with its head attached.

The hooves of all three goats were bound with string, and all three had tags attached to their ears.

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