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"Priest" Brand Perfumes

CATEGORY: Religious Sales, Iconography

DIVISION: Products

COMMENTARY: Why didn't we think of this?! A "Priest" brand! Clothing, gear, consumables - the works! Taking something so common, so omnipresent in world culture, and trademarking it so that you can make a killing on the free market. This is such a good idea Father Jankowski that we'll race you to it.

Priest Plans His Own Perfumes

Tue Jul 3, 2007 9:41AM EDT

WARSAW (Reuters) - A prominent Polish cleric known for preaching against communism and for his anti-Semitic remarks said on Tuesday he planned to launch perfumes, clothing and cafes branded with his image.

Father Henryk Jankowski took part in strikes which led to the end of communism in 1989 as part of Solidarity movement. He was later suspended from preaching for a year after insulting remarks about Jews.

Setting out his plans, Jankowski told the daily Dziennik newspaper that his initiative would "do everyone good."

"I am for it as long as it serves a good purpose. If necessary I will also sing and dance," he said.

The money from the initiative would go to the "Father Henryk Jankowski Institute," which says it supports charities and social projects.

Jankowski, who already has a wine branded with his image under the name "Monsignore," said he would be on the panel for "castings" of waitresses for the 16 cafes he plans to open in major Polish cities.

Jankowski is admired by many Catholics for his role in supporting Solidarity.

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