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Killer Ghost Terrorizes Village

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Village School Under Evil Spell

Statesman News Service

DHENKANAL, July 6: Superstition has caused panic among the school children at the Jagannathpur gram panchayat as the presence of a ghost, at the Kageilo Janata School spread like wild fire, with the villagers speculating that the ghost is that of a child.

A team of doctors and the district inspector has visited the school. But the efforts to convince people have failed, and most of the villagers are convinced about the presence of the killer ghost.

According to them one student has died and four others have been hospitalized due to the evil spell cast by the ghost. Priyabrata Samal, a student of class VII went out to urinate and complained of reeling and eventually fell down. He was rushed to the hospital, but died on the way on Monday, the villagers narrated.

The very next day Saroj Das who used to sit beside Samal showed similar symptoms, but recovered, while a third boy Satyabrata Samal has also fallen unconscious.

The doctors who visited the school failed to find any outbreak of disease in the area. The district inspector of schools Mr Mayadhar Pany said that he too had visited the school.

He admitted that the villagers are firmly believing in the presence of the apparition.

The local administration has been trying to dispel such baseless apprehensions.

It has also undertaken tests of the tubewell water to find out whether the water has been contaminated or not. Study at the school has been hampered because of the rumor that has gained wide credence.

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