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Human Meat Was In Fact Delicious

CATEGORY: Cross-Dressing, Refrigerator, Cannibal

DIVISION: Modern Evil

NOTE: Just because you like watching war movies and dressing up in women's clothing, it does not mean you are a cannibal. Eating human flesh is a taste acquired through practice and careful preparation. The better recipes are here and here.

China Girl Found Dead In Fridge

A man has been arrested after the body of a four-year-old girl was found in a refrigerator in his flat in Guangzhou, southern China, state media report.

The discovery was made after the man's neighbour - the girl's grandmother - spotted traces of blood outside his door, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

Liu Lingli went missing on Friday, prompting a police search.

The newspaper quoted another local resident as saying the man had once described human flesh as "delicious".

The man, who was identified by his nickname A He, is said to be a migrant worker who is thought to be mentally ill.

He was described as a recluse who sometimes wore women's clothing and enjoyed watching war films.

The newspaper quoted his neighbour as saying that on one occasion, while watching a film of people being killed in battle, A He commented that "human meat was in fact delicious".

Police and security officials did not immediately confirm the arrest.

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