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Made-Up Holiday Confusion

CATEGORY: National Holidays, Fake, Mix Up

DIVISION: Modern Evil

NOTE: To sort out the confusion once and for all - today, Nov.6 is National Men Make Dinner Day; Saturday, Nov. 8 is National Wake Up In Your Own Vomit Day; and Sunday, Nov.9 is National Shut the Hell Up and Get Me Another Beer, Bitch Day.

What the Heck is National Men Make Dinner Day?

Whoah! Put on the brakes! Stop right there! Freeze! Ask yourself THIS QUESTION:

Are you a man who makes dinner on a regular or semi-regular basis?

If the answer is ‘YES”, do not go any further!

National Men Make Dinner Day is NOT for you!

OK, now since you’ve continued reading, we assume that you are a man who NEVER cooks. And that you fit the profile of the ‘men’ who have inspired this once-a-year occasion.

The ideal participant in ‘National Men Make Dinner Day’ is the man who:

  • helps with household chores
  • has a sense of humour and is a great all-around guy
  • loves his wife/girlfriend, kids and pets
  • BUT NEVER LEARNED HOW TO COOK, and is somewhat afraid of the idea

Officially celebrated on the FIRST THURSDAY OF EVERY NOVEMBER, "National Men Make Dinner Day" is for you!!

One guaranteed meal cooked by the man of the house one day of the year!

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