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Basement Surgery Horror Story

Fri Aug 4, 11:52 AM EST

Much has been made about the rise of TB cases in Framingham and how the rising immigrant population is its source.

This week, the big story was the death of a Brazilian woman following illegal plastic surgery in the basement of a duplex. The unlicensed surgeon was from Brazil, here legally with a visa and apparently made the trips to Framingham with regularity in the past two to three years to perform liposuctions, Botox treatments and other aesthetic plastic surgery procedures.

Descriptions of the dingy basement where he cut into willing young women wanting to nip and tuck question both the greed of the physician and the women’s desperation and lack of judgment. Fabiola DePaula was not a fluke for Luiz Carlos Ribeiro as other women have told investigators they too were injured as a result of the basement doctor. Ribeiro, his wife Ana Maria Miranda Ribeiro and the woman who owned the apartment where the surgeries took place and also allegedly arranged the surgeries, Ana Celia Sielemann, have all been arrested.

The horror of this story is beyond words. A woman who almost had the same procedure described the basement in the following way:

In the apartment’s basement, said the woman, there were five other girls, including DePaula, waiting in line for their turn to be operated on by Ribeiro. There was a small bed where the operations were being performed. As for surgical tools, they were sterilized in a pot with boiling water in the kitchen upstairs, she said. And the doctor smoked between procedures, the woman said.

Investigators found plenty of evidence of blood on the basement floor.

Ribeiro was in the country legally on a 30-day visa. As a doctor in Brazil (he reportedly is a dermatologist) he is able to travel easily from his country to the United States. How else do you think foreign doctors attend special trainings, seminars, etc?

The most troubling aspects of the story are that his practice in the underground medical community was fairly well known by Brazilians. It was also reported that he taped a cable access show in Framingham warning immigrants about the dangers of having medical treatment done by unlicensed physicians.

One has to wonder where he obtained the equipment and drugs used in his procedures. The DAs office says the drugs were obtained by illegal means but these are the types of drugs (lidocaine, glucose, etc) that street dealers don’t sell. They are the kind of drugs found in hospitals and doctors offices.

Surely there will be some who will point the finger at this situation as another reason to crack down on illegal immigrants, specifically Brazilians.

Attempting to address a public heath problem as an immigration problem is inefficient and misguided. Instead of trying to crack down on illegal immigrants, public health officials should be trying to crack down on TB cases, bed bugs and underground plastic surgery operations. To try and make this into an immigration issue takes valuable time and energy away from stopping people from being injured, sickened and killed. It’s a classic example of misplaced energy.

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