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People Love Skulls

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EDITORIAL: As previous posted news stories have verified, people of all walks of life enjoy skulls. Modern Evil encourages proper authentication and handling of any body part or series of parts. Collect responsibly.

Six Skulls Found In Stripper's Home

Macabre New Jersey scene also included human hand in a jar

Jul 25, 9:09 AM ET

Linda Kay, a New Jersey stripper, was charged last week with improper disposition of human remains after South Plainfield cops discovered a hand and six human skulls in her home. According to police, the remains were out in the open when they showed up in response to a call from a man on Friday threatening to kill himself with a hammer.

Kay, 31, who works as a dancer at the all-nude BYOB club "Hott 22," was released from jail Saturday after posing for her mug shot and posting $100,000 bail. While the investigation into where the body parts came from continues, she is scheduled for her first court appearance tomorrow.

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